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Our experts aims to address the challenges faced by land registry offices, including outdated office buildings, legacy systems, limited government funding, underpaid administrators, excessive bureaucracy, outdated data, and excessive government management.

The solution focuses on improving land administration services by upgrading infrastructure and systems, adopting the latest data and software technologies, and providing regular staff training. By modernizing operations, the startup aims to provide faster and more reliable services to citizens.

In addition, the startup recognizes the importance of government support and collaboration. It aims to bridge the gaps in the Central and Eastern European region, contributing to the development of the Union.

Furthermore, the startup is committed to promoting pay equality and empowering women in land administration. It recognizes that women’s access to land, finance, and entrepreneurship is essential for sustainable development.

In summary, the startup offers a comprehensive solution to the challenges faced by land registry offices. Through infrastructure upgrades, system modernization, staff training, government collaboration, and support for women, it aims to revolutionize land administration services and contribute to the development of the Union.

DRONE DESIGN LAB Beige-Colorful-Minimal-Flowchart-Infographic-Graph-2 Our offer
  • Software as a Service:  Equip decision-makers with intuitive tools and simplify mapping. 
  • GIS education Join our GIS courses and enable advanced geospatial analysis with ArcGIS Online. 
  • Drone Hardware providers, Capture high-quality imagery and utilize drones for precision mapping. 
DRONE DESIGN LAB Black-Creative-Professional-Photographer-Online-Portfolio2 Our offer

Expand your career in the drone industry.

DRONE DESIGN LAB Screenshot-2023-10-22-190827 Our offer

Work with innovative technologies such as robotics and coding.

DRONE DESIGN LAB 5mDEM_Lidar Our offer

Data collection and analysis. Hire us for a drone based project.

We are looking for new partners, schools, and sponsors who would like to collaborate with us.

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