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From Zero to Hero

In our consultations, you can learn more about drones, find out how to become a drone pilot in the EU and get recommendations for further courses and training.

Advice on:

  • Up-to-date information on the UAVs industries
  • Recommendation on UAV courses online
  • Support you in becoming a drone pilot
  • Support on your first drone purchase
    Basic drone programming skills and applications
  • Career advice


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STEM education in the classroom

At Drone Design Lab, we believe that education is the key to shaping the future of the drone industry. That’s why we’re dedicated to bringing drone learning programs and applications into schools.

Advice on:

  • Bring a new, engaging class into the schools
  • Support for bringing drones into the classroom
  • Recommendations on affordable drone devices 
  • Recommendation on drone applications for flying a drone on your computer
  • Safety usage and awareness of drones indoors

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