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DRONE DESIGN LAB Open-data-ICGC.cat-t-1 Enterprise
Hire us to hold UAV webinars:
  • Career opportunity in the drone industry
  • Drone social engagement on exhibitions/fairs
  • Online drone workshops
  • Drone service collaboration
Project works:
  • Georeferencing 
  • 3D printable model  
  • Digital Elevation Model 
  • Canopy height Model 
Private workshops:
  • Train your employees to be a drone pilot
  • Train your employees about drones use cases
LiDAR data use cases for informing citizens and municipalities: 
  • Measuring agroforestry resources in rural landscapes
  • Assessing tree risks to residential properties
  • Modelling tree services like air and water pollution mitigation
  • Mapping risks to utility infrastructure such as power lines
  • Measuring carbon storage
  • Wildfire modelling
  • Creating and analyzing forest inventory
DRONE DESIGN LAB DSM-scaled Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB PanamaUrban-scaled Enterprise

Military mapping 
Thematic mapping
Hydrographic mapping
e-Government (future feature)
National Spatial Data Infrastructure (Future feature)

DRONE DESIGN LAB Add-a-little-bit-of-body-text-4 Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB Lidar-scaled Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB Add-a-little-bit-of-body-text-1 Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB Add-a-heading Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB Sonoma Enterprise
DRONE DESIGN LAB 358195752_798264765171642_8572135068893757510_n-scaled Enterprise

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